Things to do and Places to visit on Porto Santo Island

Porto do Santo is a small region but full of emotion. It is ideal for those looking to relax, evidently, its tropical areas and wonderful beaches attract the attention of travelers.


To clarify more about the region, that is, both with regard to constructions and establishments, as well as with something more focused on the natural beauties of the region, the content below will show you information about the most important points that you cannot leave out of your itinerary. on a trip:

Wharf of Vila Baleira

Molhe from Vila Baleira


If there is a point to start the journey, this is it. Vila Baleira has buildings that call a lot of attention, they are old buildings, dating from a historical period. It is a beautiful place, with a lot of investment, history and culture to be passed on.

Don’t miss the jetty, which is one of the reasons many choose to visit the region. In fact, there’s nothing better than working a little with this point during your trip, you won’t regret it!


Pico Castelo

Do you like high places? Well, who doesn’t love a good view, right? The region we are going to talk about here is well known for this.

Pico Castelo, even though it is not the highest point in Porto Santo, is certainly one of the best views of the city. From the top, after more than an hour of climbing, you can find the most complete view of the island of Porto Santo. You will see the airport, the northern and southern beaches and many other important and beautiful spots. It is a path worth taking.

Learn more: Pico Castelo Footpath >

Porto Santo Beach

Porto Santo Beach

The golden beach. It receives this name, do you know why? It happens that its sands are so yellow that they resemble gold, but that is not all that is beautiful in the region. The sea, nature, everything is in perfect contrast, a perfect combination. You can take a nice bath or, as is very common to happen, just observe.


It has already been chosen in a Portuguese contest as one of the 7 Portuguese wonders, and because it is in such a recognized region, it earns even more points for tourists.

Ana Ferreira Peak

Pico by Ana Ferreira - Porto Santo - Madeira

It is the highest point in the western part of Porto Santo, reaching 283 meters in height. This is another place for those who enjoy exuberant views and challenges in nature.

Climbing this region is not as easy a task as you might think, but the view you get at the end is a good reward for the effort.

Pedestrian Trail Pico de Ana Ferreira

Quinta das Palmeiras

Quinta das Palmeiras , Porto Santo

A mini-zoo with a large number of animals and plant species. A wonderful place with a lot of emphasis on green areas.

It is worth remembering that you can walk freely through the zoo, as long as you do not disturb. Quinta Das Palmeiras was the result of 15 years of hard work, which makes it one of the locations with major investment on the Island of Porto Santo.

Ponta da Calheta

As the name suggests, there is indeed a relationship between the region and Cal. In fact, it was once used for the extraction of this material, currently the region has a large number of visitors who go to the place with a common reason.

Observe the green waters of the place. It is simply wonderful. They are clean waters and therefore it is also possible to take a nice bath and relax during your stay. It is worth noting that the view does not lag behind either. It is a beautiful place to rest.


Miradouro da Portela, Porto Santo

The postcard of the island of Porto Santo, a region with a lot of potential. Bela for also presenting one of the best views in the region. Perfect for taking pictures and remembering the moment for a lifetime.

It is the postcard exactly because it represents the best view of the location. See the yellow sand beaches and the sea, which from afar looks green, it’s impossible not to fall in love with the region.

Port of Selemas

A very beautiful place with a jaw-dropping natural landscape. This is mainly due to its ability when it comes to keeping up. It is a somewhat hidden region and perhaps that is why it is currently highlighted.

To get there, although long, the path is easy, but always take into account the nature of the terrain so that you don’t have many problems. And don’t worry, the trip is worth it!

Miradouro das Flores

Miradouro das Flores, Porto Santo

As we have already mentioned the peak with the most beautiful view of the Island of Porto Santo, we will also mention the viewpoint that has this role. The viewpoint of flowers is a fantastic place. It is considered by many tourists the best place in the region.

You can sit, relax, read, have a snack and enjoy the view and calm from the viewpoint.

Columbus House

A Portuguese museum that, as the name suggests, is linked to the well-known Portuguese navigator, Christopher Columbus. It is believed that the place where the museum is today was the same place where the navigator was born.

Casa Do Colombo tries to show with historical sources how important Madeira Island is in the life of the navigator, who could also be Genoese. It is somewhat mysterious where it belongs, but one thing we can be sure, the museum is indeed very beautiful and full of historical representations.

Our Lady of Grace Chapel

A construction well recognized in the region, both by tourists and by people who already inhabit the region. It was built in the 16th century, however, around the middle of the 19th century, it was destroyed, being rebuilt with new architecture in 1951.

It is a relevant historical point, easily accessible and full of beauty and knowledge, perfect for lovers of religious faith. It is important that this is one of your stops.


It is a place that dates back to the 18th century. Windmills were constructions widely used in the preparation of flour, in Madeira these buildings have overcome time and today are a hallmark of tourism in the region.

If you are going to visit the place, be prepared to see large constructions that still move with the winds, showing everyone its historical value. It’s another point to watch a little bit.

Porto dos Frades

Yet another port area, with plenty of ways to relax. The water, as usual in the Madeira region, is calm and beautiful, good for a swim at great temperatures.

You can make the most of this location with restaurants and bars. That way, you have time to relax, with sunbeds and umbrellas, enjoying the calm and food of the region, nothing better, don’t you think?


A perfect region for diving in the area. It is a place suitable for resting and enjoying the landscape, that is, many photos. It is one corner in a million. Anyone who goes to the island of Madeira, especially to the region of Porto de Santo, loves everything there is.

There are many places to visit, of course it is not possible to know all of them, so choose your tourist destination carefully!

Head of Oranges

One of the most famous locations in the Porto de Santos region. It is an area that is under preservation due to its interesting historical and geological characteristics.

Furthermore, it is a great region to visit, on which everyone agrees. If you like beautiful landscapes with huge rocks on the beaches, you will love this region.

Sand Fountain

Another viewpoint, this time, to the north of the region. It is a very interesting place, it received this name because of the large amount of sand in the region, showing once again the geological importance of the region.

In any case, this place is great for a view, for calm and to spend some time having a picnic or having a drink. It’s a beautiful place, consider adding it to your to-do list and visitation.

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