15 reasons to visit Madeira in 2023

The year 2023 began with great promises of renewal. We went through a pandemic and now we are looking for improvements. Of course, many think of rest, after so many possible tribulations, don’t they?


If you are looking for a different destination to spend time alone, with family or friends, Madeira Island, a territory belonging to Portugal, is a great region to spend a few days, besides, it is a perfect destination for 2021. Take that weight off your back to start over and relax a lot in this incredible destination and with lots of experiences to offer.

Reasons to travel to Madeira


Check below why in 2023 a trip to this region is so attractive.

1- Contact with nature and pedestrian trails

Yea! The Madeira region is rich in beaches, but the landscapes with large forests are another highlight.


Areas with plenty of green, with possible walks through these places, also having, among one of the most interesting points, a forest with an abundance of green that is considered heritage, the Laurissilva forest, by UNESCO.

Madeira Reasons for Travel

If you go to the region, you can take the opportunity to learn more about these places with personalized pedestrian trails prepared for the most different landscapes.

There is also the possibility of hiking in levadas and paths, regions with abundant nature and which is a trail that will take you through different corners of the region, with wonderful views in calm and cozy places.

2- Spring weather

Spring is a time of year that many love. Not too hot, not too cold, but you always have that cozy feeling!


Have you ever imagined living in a region where the climate always tends to resemble these characteristics? Yeah, on Madeira Island it’s possible to have that.

Typical House of Santana, Madeira

It is worth remembering, in this case, that despite belonging to Europe, the region is closer to Africa and perhaps due to this approximation with the two continents, a climate without too much cold and without too much heat is possible. Many tourists from Europe choose to visit Madeira, tired of “winter” all year round.

3- Unforgettable events

Carnival, New Year’s Eve and other events in the region stand out here because they are, in some cases, world-renowned, some are no longer possible due to the season, but even so, if you didn’t make it in 2021, you can plan for 2022!

Madeira New Year's Eve

(C) JM Madeira

At the end of the year, for example, it is possible to watch one of the most beautiful fireworks displays in the world, once named the most beautiful. An event that remains in the memory of those who experience it.

During Carnival there is nothing better than enjoying the beaches in the region, they have the rhythm of the place and are exceptional to visit . If you really visit Madeira during this festive season, get ready for lots of events and fun.

Flower Festival, Madeira

(C) Jornal Económico

In addition to all this, the Atlantic Festival, < a href="http://www.visitportosanto.pt/pt-pt/o-que-fazer/eventos-1/festival-de-colombo">Columbus Festival, Flower Festival and many others can be mentioned here. These are very important events for the region.

4- Paradise beaches

It has options for those who like hustle and bustle and for those who like peace and quiet. For this second type of person, nothing better than enjoying a quiet beach where you can hear the sound of the sea very calmly.

Praia from Calheta, Island ofMadeira

The paradisiacal beaches of the region are very famous, they are beautiful enough to bewilder any look, here we will give special attention to Porto Santo, one of the wonders of the beaches in the region.

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5- Bathing areas

As it is a region full of beaches, there is nothing to expect if there is not good fun with places dedicated to this. These are the bathing areas of Madeira Island, which manages to introduce a large amount of events and fun in just one place.

Porto Moniz, Madeira

You will find easily accessible places that you will have to pay little for a lot of entertainment. Swimming pools, restaurants, cafes, bars and even libraries can be found in the region, all of which make tourists and visitors able to relax a lot. And nothing better than that after so much exhausting during the year, right?

Praia Porto da Cruz

The bathing areas are beautiful and manage to make your jaw drop. The island of Madeira, in itself, presents a lot of fun and exciting places to spend a good time, so a long trip can be a very good thing.

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6- Visitable destination all year round

At the beginning or end of the year, it doesn’t matter! This region is an area that is always active, in other words: it will always be ready to receive new people. This is important for the locality because its economy is heavily based on tourism, so if you plan to travel in May, for example, you will enjoy the region a lot anyway.

Reasons to go to Madeira

An important tip: if you go to this region during the low season, you can be more relaxed on the beaches and elsewhere, as there will be a much smaller number of people.

As already mentioned, the climate remains the same throughout the year. This is very important for people to end up arriving in the region, either fleeing the heat or the cold.

7- Whale and Dolphin Watching

It is an activity for those who are nature lovers and that you can follow very easily, as these animals are usually in various areas of the region, making their observation much easier. And it is also worth remembering that this large number of species is also preserved, reducing their risk of extinction.

Whale Watching and Dolphins

It turns out to be a very beautiful region for those who like to observe or even for those who plan to practice some sport, it is also possible to practice diving in some places with crystal clear water, being able to observe marine life much better!

There are beaches that have structures for water sports, so it is a place that attracts different types of people!

8- Good food

The region’s cuisine is different and much appreciated by many. The Madeira area certainly stands out in this area, mainly for its delicacies based on honey from sugar cane.

Fruta da Madeira

Of course, this is a widely used product in the region and there are also some dishes that are well-known for their delicious taste. Bolo de caco, for example, which is a typical dish of the region, can be served as a side dish or as a starter. There is also scabbard fish with fried banana and passion fruit dishes that capture the attention of many.

The truth is that much can be said about the cuisine of the region, it is very diverse and has different ways of making dishes and with different seasonings in eachsnack.

9- People are friendly and welcoming

As it is a region with many tourists, it is very common for people to meet new faces. This is interesting because over time the region became known for its friendly and welcoming people. In other words, you will be treated very well in the region, you will be able to meet new people and interact a lot.

Funchal, Madeira

If you don’t know Madeira Island yet, you will be even more enchanted by the people of the region!

10- Easy to reach and not too expensive trips

Travel prices certainly vary a lot over time, but it is a fact that the values ​​for the Madeira region are not very high compared to other tourist destinations in Europe. This means, in other words, that it is a more accessible place and that, at the same time, it does not miss the most important points of a trip.

CR7 Airport

A region that is easy to reach, precisely because there is so much investment in tourism, which strengthens the region in many ways.

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11- Amazing gardens

Jardins Madeira

Nature is something that attracts the attention of many travelers and it is no different on the island of Madeira. In the region you can count on several points with beautiful gardens. They are usually sought after by lovers of “green”. And indeed, if there is a landscape that stands out in this region, it is the flora.

It’s not just green that you’ll see, but yellow, pink, red and many other colors. In certain places you can even count on a privileged view of the region.

12- Outdoor and nautical activities

This cannot be missing in a region with so many beaches. Diving is allowed in the region, on several beaches that have clear and clean waters.

It is also worth remembering several outdoor activities. Sports on the beach sand, hiking trails and knowledge walks. All of this is extremely valued in the region, after all, if you’re there you’ll definitely enjoy spending time in some similar way.

13- Cultural Heritage

Visiting many cultural heritage sites in the region may also be of interest to you. It is an activity for those who like to know more deeply the secrets of the region. Churches, cities, separate constructions such as lighthouses, all of this can be found in Madeira and, for those who really like it, you can count on a knowledge tour, which will bring you a lot of information about it!

Teatro Baltazar Dia, in Funchal, capital of the region, is an example of cultural heritage. It was built in 1888 and is a beautiful place to visit.

14- Museums

And nothing better than museums to better follow the history of the city. Did you know that Cristiano Ronaldo was born in this region? Well, the player was born in Madeira and has a museum dedicated to him and his achievements. It’s something football lovers can’t miss!

In addition, the site has several buildings for this purpose. The Whale Museum, the Frederico de Freitas Museum, the Electricity Museum and many others that may be more accessible in different regions!

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15- Madeira Wine

Ah, this one couldn’t be left out. There are many people who know French and Italian wine, but Madeira wine is not far behind either. He is extremely tasty and some have already been considered one of the best in the world.

Vinho da Madeira

(C) JM Madeira

Yeah, if you like a drink like that, you can believe that the region has simportance in this regard. So that’s it, a good wine, taken with a beautiful dish accompanied by a great view of the sea. This is enough to delight many tourists.

These are just some of the main reasons to visit Madeira. Embark to this region rich in incredible landscapes and unique places to visit and enjoy. Madeira awaits your visit.

Activities to do in Madeira

Consider some of these activities as a reason to travel to Madeira as well.

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