The best beaches and bathing areas on Madeira Island

Madeira Island is full of attractions, beautiful sights, a diverse fauna and flora. It is also a region with unusual landscapes ranging from forests with beautiful trees to relaxing black sand beaches.


For those looking for a region to spend their holidays and also enjoy incredible beaches and bathing areas, the island of Madeira will be an excellent choice.

We present below the best beaches and bathing areas:


Calheta Beach

Praia from Calheta, Madeira Island

Its calm and relaxing waters make this the perfect beach to spend time with friends or family.


It is an extremely cozy region with restaurants and bars close by, in addition, contact with the local culture can happen even more effectively with museums and arts centers. It is a small beach approximately 100 meters long, but it does not go unnoticed by those who visit it.

Machico Beach

Another well-known and popular beach on Madeira Island is, without a doubt, Praia de Machico. An interesting fact about the two beaches already mentioned here (Praia da Calheta and Praia de Machico) is that their sand is taken from the region of Morocco, therefore, they have certain qualities different from others that will be indicated below.

Prainha Beach

Praia da Prainha

One of the regions that has natural sand from Madeira, produced, in large part, by its interaction with volcanic ash giving a grayer color.

It is one of the paradisiacal beaches in the area, so if you are looking for a place to relax farther from other people and with a great view of the sea and green scenery, this is an option that cannot go unnoticed.


By the way, Madeira Island has several beautiful, calm and easily accessible spots, it is worth going on an excursion.< /a>

Porto do Seixal Beach

Praia do Porto do Seixal© Francisco Correia – Turismo da Madeira[ /caption]
Black sand and a beautiful view of the port, a region surrounded by a large amount of vegetation.
Despite not being a very large region, it is – without a doubt – an interesting place to visit. The clean water of the place, the beauty of the land there and, mainly, the calm that you will find in the surroundings is something that few people would change! It really is one of the destinations that stand out in this listing.

Ribeira Brava Beach


It is located in the center of the town that gives it its name. It is one of those regions that sports lovers love because there are dirt fields where you can play football and volleyball. This is about 150 meters long, however, it certainly covers many options in this small space.

In addition to the natural beauties, you will also find cafes, restaurants, bars and much more. In addition, it has two small pools for adults and children and has access to the ocean.

Porto Moniz Natural Pools

Porto Moniz Natural Pools

One of the most popular pools in Madeira. This area is part of a beach that was formed from volcanic rocks, giving the beach very interesting and beautiful characteristics. No wonder it became so famous and had so much investment.

Not only will you have a beautiful landscape and a large area to take a good swim in the sea, but you will also have the security of being in a safe place, with lifeguards and first aid. Also noteworthy are the swimming pools for children.

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Praia Formosa

Praia Formosa

Beach located in Funchal. It is an easily accessible area that has more than sea water as an attraction.

Sports lovers, especially in the summer, usually visit this region for competitions and to have fun, and the night on the beach never stops with its animations. It’s another one of the beaches with blue flag certification that we mention here, it’s great for taking a good bath.

Ponta do Sol Beach

Let’s give this beach credit for being one of the warmest in the Madeira region. A perfect spot for sunbathing. For many who are trying to escape the cold, it doesn’t get any better than this.

It is a region where activities such as hiking or even sports are easily interacted with. It is also worth noting that the location itself has a great repertoire of coffee shops, perfect for relaxing. Of course, you can’t miss bars and restaurants! If you like to practice diving, it is also a great region.

Fajã dos Padres Beach

Calm, yet attractive. Despite accessing it not being so easy, this is certainly one of the points to visit in Madeira Island.

Diving is common in the region and as it also has a pebble area, it ends up being a good place to lie down and watch the sea. In the summer, when there is more flow of people, the view is even more beautiful. Visitors gain access to sunbeds and umbrellas.

São Vicente Beach

A slightly rougher sea, ideal for those who like to surf. In fact, almost the entire region of São Vicente has a well-elaborated structure for sea sports.

It is something that draws attention, generally the beaches in the southern region of Madeira have calmer water and are suitable for other types of sports, such as diving, or even for resting. So if you are looking for more lively places, you can opt for a tour of the northern region.

Beach / Bathing Complex of Ponta Delgada

Praia de Ponta Delgada

A beach and a bathing complex. This region is also one of the fantastic places that São Vicente offers its visitors. As a beach, it offers slightly rougher water, as already mentioned, but as a bathing complex it offers saltwater pools, solariums and bars.

Calhau de São Jorge Bathing Complex

Complexo Balnear do Calhau de Sao Jorge

A space created to take the family. Yea! The seas on the north coast are rougher, however, this is something that was overcome with investment in this beach complex, which has 3 beautiful and calm pools. As already mentioned, the region is made of pebbles, that is, the type of sand in it came from gravel, which gives the region its charm.

Ribeira do Faial Beach

Praia da Ribeira do Faial

It is a very small place, but full of refinements. It is interesting because the region is around another pebble beach, which was formed over time. It’s great for taking a nice bath safely.

As with many of the beaches mentioned in this article, you can enjoy the beautiful view of the sea or nature. It has nearby restaurants and establishments that perfectly match the characteristic of the beach!

Porto da Cruz Beach and Bathing Complex

Praia Porto da Cruz

A region with swimming pool and access to the sea. It is very beautiful, both the beach and the city that comprises it. It is a very beautiful region that can be visited when you are not enjoying the beach.

It is another black sand beach, located in the northeast of Madeira Island.

Caniçal Bathing Complex

Complexo Balnear do Caniçal

Although the entrance to this place is paid, when visiting this area of ​​Madeira Island and want to enjoy incredible moments in the pool and sunbathing, get to know this complex. In addition to being beautiful, it has several activities that can be done at different times of the year.

Ribeira da Boaventura

It is another region that has investment in swimming pools, solariums, terraces and much more. A differential of this place is the access to a small bay that provides access to the sea.

Another even more stimulating point is an Aqua Park located in the region. A large space with capacity for more than a thousand people. Slides, pools and much more can be found in this “extension” of Ribeira de Boa Ventura.

Madeira Aquapark

Aquaparque Madeira

Madeira Island is not only recognized for its landscape, it also has a fantastic Aquapark, the result of a large investment in the region. It has swimming pools, slides, fast tracks and even a bar. Guaranteed fun times.


  • Adult: 10€
  • Children from 5 to 12 years old: 7€
  • Children under 5 years old: Free Admission

Magic Kings

Reis Magos, Madeira

A pebble beach. Yea! This was missing from the list. A region that even the sand delights the eyes. Despite being small and popular, the beach is still one of the cleanest in the region. The stones on the beach floor call a lot of attention, it is one of the few that has this characteristic.

It is also a great place if you want to see the great diversity of marine life. Diving in the region is authorized, which makes everything even more exciting. If you are a beginner you can go on an excursion! It is a region in the southeast of Madeira Island, with some proximity to the village of Caniço.

Lido Galomar

Complexo Balnear Lido Galomar

It’s very hard to find someone who doesn’t love beautiful views and this spot is perfect for taking that perfect shot. The region, like every bathing complex, has a great pool and a very beautiful beach.

The best of the region is certainly its location. The beach itself is difficult to access as it is protected by mountains, but this has given the region the opportunity to create a beach complex with even an elevator with a view. All this to make the most of the particularities of the place.

Barreirinha Bathing Complex

Complexo Balnear da Barreirinha

A very rocky beach with plenty of activities to enjoy. Located to the east of the São Tiago Fortress, it is a very popular place for bathing. It has surveillance and security for the practice of sports. It has first aid, library, changing rooms, Centro Azul, bars and restaurants.

Ponta Gorda / Poças do Governador

Ponta Gorda Madeira

A quiet place that many people like to visit. It is calm exactly because it presents softer features in the landscape, at the same time it can accommodate a large number of people.

You will have access to changing rooms, beach library, support bar, WiFi service and excellent accessibility for people with reduced mobility. It also has a blue flag, in other words it is ideal for taking a calm bath. They rent umbrellas and sunbeds to enjoy what the region has to offer.

Cavacas Dock

Doca do Cavacas

Despite not being one of the most visited regions, this place is indeed an interesting experience for tourists. It’s a small beach, but it offersSeveral great services, maybe a problem if there are a lot of people, but it is always possible to cross one of the bridges in the region and reach Praia Formosa easily.

If this is necessary, it is still recommended to take a photo of the natural pools in the region, they earn a point in terms of beauty!

Calhau da Lapa

A more remote region, one of the paradisiacal beaches that should definitely be on our list. It is a retreat for many, a very beautiful landscape that was once called “no man’s land”.

The region itself is great, what makes the beach so difficult to get to is actually the great difficulty in getting to it, however, for those who like silence and challenges, nothing is better.

Magdalene of the Sea

A annual banana show, which takes place in July, is one of the landmarks of this region, as well as its beautiful beaches. You can take advantage of your stay in the region to get to know this festival better or take the opportunity to take a great maritime walk.

You will find several bars and restaurants to enjoy the region even more. And if you want a tip, also visit the famous Igreja de Santa Madalena, which is located nearby.

Garden by the Sea

As the name suggests, this is a place full of refinement, a mixture of the yellow of the beaches and the light green of the vegetation. A very calm landscape that draws attention due to its vegetation could not be missing from this list!

It is also the meeting point for the international surfing community, given its proximity to the North Atlantic, which is a rougher sea and more suitable for this sport.

Paul do Mar

Another Calhau beach, this time in the western region. Due to its very accessible location and pleasant environment, this place has a lot of tourists during all times of the year.

If you are looking for a quieter region, you can try to take shelter in an intermediate location. The best known places are at Maktub bar and Ponto de Abrigo do Paul do Mar, among these regions you can find a more cozy location!

Salinas Pools

Piscinas das Salinas

Located close to Câmara de Lobos bay, the pools in the area are extremely attractive and are located in a complex full of green areas. Like the other beaches mentioned here, it has an area for adults and children.

Access to it is paid, but it is certainly a place worth paying to see. The Festa da Lapa can also be a reason to visit the place, as it is a very famous event in the region!

Vigário Beach

Praia do Vigário

Always full of people, the region began to be important for tourism not long ago, however, it has always been a great place for fishing activities. In other words, in addition to the beautiful region, you can also try different typical dishes from Madeira.

If you want to take a long walk or closer to the Câmara dos Lobos region, this is a beach you should visit.

Fajã Beach at Cabo Girão

An inaccessible beach with a different landscape. The black sand beach, which has been mentioned here on several occasions, is characteristic of the Fajã region.

This place can only be accessed by boat or cable car, however, for a small fee, you will have a trip you will never forget and, if you go by cable car, you can have an unforgettable view.

Garajau Beach

Praia do Garajau

A beach integrated into a nature reserve, another one mentioned here with calm, crystalline waters perfect for diving. If you are staying close to the Garajau region, this place represents many possibilities for walks and rest.

This is a very common destination for tourists, so it ends up being quite crowded. It is worth remembering that the region has full support for land sports and diving.

These are our highlights of the best beaches and bathing areas to enjoy your stay in Madeira.

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